Posted by: Matt | February 13, 2008

The Devil May Cry, with those camera angles…

So for the second time, I managed to somehow get my preorder delivered early. The last time this happened was with Halo 3, I got that the day before release (much to the dismay of Dan, who had paid extra for his delivery…) and now the nice folks from have come up trumps with my copy of Devil May Cry 4. Imagine my surprise when I opened a padded brown envelope on the 6th of February, 2 days before UK release, to find Nero’s shining face looking up at me. This review of sorts may contain nuts. I mean, *SPOILERS*.

I promptly shoved it into the tray and reclined on my chair, feet up on the radiator to get down to some serious demon-kickin’. I opted for ‘Devil Hunter’ difficulty over ‘Human’, as I have completed Devil May Cry (the original) on hard in the past, so figured I was up to the challenge.

If you’ve played the demo on Live, you’ll know the drill as you start the game as Nero, though in the full version you’re started off in a church, in a sort of tutorial level where you face off against Dante himself. Basic stuff here, it teaches you sword combos, how to use your weapons etc, then you face off with Dante in a very easy first ‘Boss’ battle. From here you get another cutscene and then you end up actually playing the game for reals when you find your first encounter, so the combat system can really flex it’s muscles.

Controls are pretty easy to get used to and everything about the game is fairly solid, the action is fast paced and full of flair, the combo system is back to reward you for stylish, well paced attacks, and the bosses quickly become insane, intense encounters. The graphics are GORGEOUS, the cut scenes look amazing though some of the lip synching can be a bit off, the sounds bring memories flooding back from the original DMC, which I loved (see my last post for a bit of a gush about this) and the characters are crazy, some completely unhinged, so the game is a mostly light hearted affair, for a game about slaughtering demons. DMC4 definitely has attitude, which is part of it’s appeal for me.

As for the bad bits, camera angles can be shoddy and pillars and walls can hinder combat greatly, to the point of actually costing your character’s life in certain edge-of-your-seat encounters, and the game automatically scales down boss battles if you die a few times whilst attempting them. Nothing is more frustrating than working out a good set of tactics, creaming a boss without taking a hit, then realising the game has gone easy on you. My last gripe is with the game’s plot. Okay, I haven’t completed the last level yet (and I realise anyone reading this that has the game probably has, but I went in on Devil Hunter and I have a full time job!) so I can’t moan too much, but from what I gather not everything becomes clear even after the last cutscene, and who the hell are most of the characters? Again I never played DMC 3 but some backstory would’ve been nice…

So, despite some major gripes and some confusing moments, despite the negative title of this review, I have to say DMC4 is pretty damned good. Not DMC1 good, but pretty solid and alot of fun, with plenty of challenge and combat variety to keep me coming back for more. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like brutally quick, shooting, stabbing, demon killing action, you will enjoy Devil May Cry 4 enough to justify purchasing it!

That’s your lot.




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