Posted by: KoKroach (Koratte) | February 27, 2008

The Live Eye – an unfortunate update.

Unfortunately for ourselves, and Xbox Live players everywhere, The LiveEye has had it’s proverbial plug pulled. It’s a real shame for me especially, as I’d just started up an account, and wanted to track how long I’ve been playing the Frontlines demo (it really is that good).

Perhaps on a better note, it comes only days after we gave an open invite for you all to judge us by our addictions, with Dan’s stats showing just how much he loves Pro Evo, and Matt ranking up a whole load of hours on Devil May Cry 4, despite the crap view.

At least It was axed just before the Frontlines release, now no-one will know if I stay up until the wee hours playing it before heading out for a 9am lecture; given my current addiction to just the two maps, and not even having the jet fighter, I can see 4am being an ‘early’ finish.



  1. I hope Microsoft integrate the stat tracking offered by LiveEye into the Xbox Live platform in response the the plug being pulled on LiveEye…

  2. Um, I don’t know what seems to be the problem, but I see a lot of errors on this page. I hope you could fix this somehow. Thanks

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