Posted by: Matt | March 10, 2008

Alone in the Dark. As long as you don’t look behind you.

I am off work today with an ear infection so I thought I’d check out what’s floating around on Live. What I saw there, specifically the Alone in the Dark trailers, prompted me to come straight here and tell you all about it. I’m currently re-watching the three related videos… With the volume turned down very, very low.

My god does this game look awesome. The trailer vid on the marketplace shows the protagonist setting fire to chairs whilst he’s holding them simply by hovering them in flames for a few seconds, running trails of flammable liquid to a car’s petrol tank and blowing the everloving shit out of a gate that was presumably blocking his progress, running the same liquid to a pile of wood and setting fire to what looked like a fair sized pile of joists and other wooden half-destroyed-building-detritus, swinging an axe and chopping a table to bits, scaling ropes and scenery and generally looking absolutely stunning. So looks like we’re in for a lot of realism, which is shown off even more in the two tech demos also available on live. By the looks of things you can pick up all sorts of odds and sods, glowsticks, bottles, knives, guns, sticky tape… Hopefully the list goes on!

Some textures have yet to be fully implemented and quite probably some other visual effects, but even without being polished to a mirror sheen the game is breathtakingly realistic. Just check out the moving clothes, lighting effects, water and flames.

Any more things that piqued my interest… Oh, Condemned 2, that vid’s been around a while I think, but i finally got around to watching it and that looks pretty scary, psychological, yadda-yadda, everything the first one was but hopefully even more extreme.

GTA IV draws nearer and I’m still awaiting that with baited breath. Re-watched some of the existing vids I have on my ‘Box, and I’m pleased to say I’m still excited. Comes out here in the UK on the 29th of April.

Oh, I have also ordered Bully: Scholarship Edition, so should have a write up of my opinions for you, maybe even tomorrow If my ear doesn’t clear up. You lucky lucky people.

That’s your lot.




  1. nice work, man

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