Posted by: clangwen | May 9, 2008

Bioshock Movie Announced

It’s rare indeed that this site seems to be updated, even rarer still is that I actually have something to post about but after seeing this I had to report on it.

Popular entertainment website Variety announced yesterday that popular XBox360 and PC title Bioshock (2kgames) is hitting Hollywood…


The film is to be directed by Gore Verbinski (most notably of Pirates of the Carribean fame) and Universal and is set to be the biggest videogame-to-movie deal since 2005 when U and Fox received the film rights to ‘Halo’ (which eventually fell through).

Strauss Zelnick (executive producer, Take 2) handled the deal between the two companies and states that, unlike Halo, the Bioshick movie will actually be made.

So what can we look forward to?
Of course, it’s early days yet, but Verbinski said, in an interview, that the core audience won’t be betrayed and, amazingly enough, he’s willing to push the Little Sisters element “right to the edge”. The screenplay may be written by John Logan (Aviator) and Bioshock’s Creative Developer, Ken Levine, is being regularly consulted.

The film currently has no release date, but Verbinski intends to get started on the pre-production as soon as the script is finished and approved by the necessary people.

-Chris Walter


Take 2 Games
The Cut Scene


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