Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | May 11, 2008

The English Prevail, French Trail.

This is only really going to be a passing mention of the new Codemasters game RaceDriver GRID. Basically, it rocks my socks, the gameplay is tight, as it was in DIRT it’s spiritual predecessor. The graphics are sweet, just like in, oh hell, what it comes down to is a touring car, street race, Need for Speed version of Colin McRae DIRT, which is FANTASTIC new for me. Sorry about the caps, it’s easy to get carried away with an article about GRID and DIRT. Anyway, the demo’s out now, check it out, you owe it to yourself if you’re into racers, even if only slightly. It has 3 different race styles on the single player side, whereas up to 12 people in 2 differing styles online. The perfect demo, I’ve preordered my copy solely down to the demo.

Anyway! To the point of this damn post, a personal plug really. I beat some, well, LOADS, of french dudes on Xbox Live, and found the consequent pictures highly amusing with all those french flags beneath the sole English Flag. ONE American came into the room, only to be promptly kicked, not by me I might add:




Daniel O’Brien



  1. I have to check it out.

    How does the best gaming/tech blog not get in the ‘Worth a look’ section. Kotaku? Please!

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