Posted by: Daniel O'Brien | July 4, 2008

Love N+ like us? Read on.

Excellent news for all those N+ fans out there; published on metanets metablog – witty, aren’t they – they posted a little news about they’re upcoming game Robotology, but nevermind that, you’re reading this for N+. They’ve sent off 750 new maps to Microsoft to be certified and released onto the Xbox Live Marketplace! They will be split up into 3 packs each costing 200 points

If I was to have one grumble about N+ it would be it’s lack of multiplayer maps, but of these new maps, an amazing 300+ of them will be multiplayer. Good stuff!

Metanet also tease of a little something extra that will come with each of the packs, but who knows what that’s gonna be, my hunch? A gamerpic.

Here’s the excerpt from the Metablog:

We just submitted three downloadable levelpacks for N+ XBLA (one of which is free), we’ll be posting with more details as soon as we get a launch time. In total there will be over 750 new levels! The multiplayer maps in particular (over 300 of them) are a lot better than the ones that came with N+, since we’ve had more time to learn what works. We made sure to include more co-op maps, since they’re apparently quite popular.. these ones are even harder, so start practicing!

There’s also a small bonus in each pack which will remain secret for now.. or will it?!  


Daniel O’Brien



  1. Finally, more multiplayer maps!
    N+, 4+ people, and a houseload of alcohol = awesome.

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