2008’s Most Anticipated

‘360insight’s Most Anticipated’ is just that; the cream of the crop in upcoming games on the 360, dictated by, you guessed it, us.

Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto IV “The true successor to the utterly groundbreaking ‘GTA III’, whilst ‘Vice City’ and ‘San Andreas’ were both simply more content for the same game engine, the game engine has been completely re-written for the fourth installment of the multi million selling series – expect great, great things.”

Alan WakeAlan Wake “Whilst demonstrations of this game have been incredibly detailed and polished, this one is a long way off, unfortunately down for a 2008 release. A psychological thriller, this is sure to be an intense single player experience, oh, and one that’ll seriously mess with your mind!” Left4DeadLeft4Dead “A new co-op experience by the team behind Counter-Strike: Source. Left4Dead is an online Zombie Survival Horror being released later this year. Scarily intelligent UI combined with a fast-paced tactical online experience and Zombies. We’re keeping an eye on this one, and so should you.”

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