In ‘360spotlight’, each member of the team will talk about a particular game they’ve been playing recently, or a game they’ve been reading about recently, conveying why they think it deserves to be in 360spotlight.

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Dan’s Take

So as I signed off on The Club yesterday, I was of the mindset that I didn’t enjoy it because either it, or I, wasn’t/weren’t very good, and so, I come back to you today with my hands up, yes, I was too hasty in passing my judgement. The Club, does control well, the bobbing of the camera is cool and does grow on you. It genuinely was just me sucking at it, that was the problem! I was waffle about my inadequacies at shooters, I’ll get on with the praise.

It’s incredibly satisfying to make a complete run through a mission, which in this case was a Prison, [Quite why Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows couldn’t have broken out this way I don’t know, but I do know that it would have made some bad ass television!] whilst racking up a bigger and bigger a multiplier and pulling of ‘crackshots’ and plain ol’ headshots left right and centre. So sign me up for The Club right here right now, I’m sold on it, the only concern I have with the full game, however, is that it will be VERY short/small depending on how you look at it. For example, this Prison level in the demo, takes around 5 minutes to blast thru, you do that once on each difficulty setting and that’s 20 minutes for the first level, let’s say 30 minutes for rounding up’s sake. So 30 minutes per level, and there are a grand total of 8 levels… That’s a rather pitiful 4 hours for the single player. But fear not, if you’re gonna enjoy playing the club, you’re going to want to play the missions over and over to absolutely school each of the little punks the very second the pop out from there little hidey-hole with a headshot, and another for good measure, whilst maintaining your running speed thru the level to max out your multiplier and get some incredible scores to brag to your friends about! Whew. That could of done with some breathing pauses, but you see, consider that last sentence like The Club, you ain’t got time for no breathing pauses, you gots ta be shootin’ foo’s!

Ant’s Take

After competing the demo level once on casual (first time, booyeah), I decided this game was too lame to deserve a place on my constantly brimming Xbox hardrive. However after reading Dan’s second post about it and knowing that we’re an almost identical skill level when it comes to shooters, I gave it another try.

I think my biggest problem with it, along with me not quite being the best gamer in the world, is that I prefer a slightly more tactical approach to my shooters – not quite Ghost Recon-ey, but I like to have to option between taking cover and lobbing a grenade after assessing the situation, or just running and gunning it, with a fairly decent chance of survival.

This game however doesn’t give you any such freedom – make it to the exit, as fast as possible – it’s adrenaline pumping action through and through. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with just the 8 levels shown, it could be a very short-lived game. However for the one level available in the demo, there are 6 possible game modes, 4 of which are greyed out.

The 2 modes available in the demo are sprint and time attack. The other 4 gametypes include another sprint, ‘run the gauntlet’, ‘siege’, and ‘survivor’. Sprint involves a run through the area to the exit, taking out the enemies as you go, quite simple really. Time attack is a 3 lap run of a different route around the prison compound, with more guys to kill each time you pass through an area. It is made more complicated by having a timer that counts down, and when it hits 0 “the micro-explosives that you have been injected with will detonate”, so of course first time through I just stood there and waited to see some gore. Unfortunately no TF2-type dismemberment, but it gives you the message. You start off with a measly time of around 20 seconds, depending on the difficulty, but you can add time to it by killing people and doing special moves. There are no details for siege and survivor, but the website gives this info on Run the Gauntlet: “is exactly how it sounds; a point-to-point race against the clock! Sprint through the level comboing as many enemies as possible, but don’t stop! Time is against you, and your only defence is your speed.” Sounds just like time attack, but without having laps..

After playing the club for a good hour or two, I have definitely warmed to it, but I still couldn’t see myself going out and buying the game, not for more than £25 anyway. That is, unless the tournament and gunplay modes are as fun and re-playable as the Bizarre site suggests they are.

Turnip’s Take

From start to… well I haven’t finished playing through it yet, but from start to present I loved and still do love this game. A lot of the game mechanics; explosive barrels, skullshots (placards you can use to keep your kill combo tickin’) ammo pickups, remembering to SPRINT LIKE FUCK between kills and the general trigger happy mayhem, take alot of getting used to and I found myself, once I’d moved up from the first challenge-less casual difficulty runthrough, getting a pretty poor score and even actually not completing levels, as any type of play that is not run and gun simply does not work. At all.

However it’s not until you find yourself pinging off a few shots at a skull, taking three guys out with an equal number of consecutive headshots and pulling an action roll before blowing up some mo-fo’s with a barrel, that you realise you’ve quickly become accustomed to how the game plays and that’s when it starts to get really good.

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t another playable character for the demo, and I share Ant’s concern about it being maybe a little short lived, but it’s the kind of game that map packs and new characters can reign supreme, and I’m sure ‘Real’ difficulty level will be very, VERY challenging.

Chris’s Take

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