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The 360insight team consists of a small group of friends from a town in Oxfordshire, England. There are currently five of us involved. The blog was originally made by Daniel O’Brien and since then it has grown to a team of five. So who are we? Well…


Name: Daniel O’Brien

News and Reviews Editor, Site Administrator

Gamertag: I Pyrobi I

Bio: Originally created 360insight in August 2006, and is responsible for the look and functionality of the site, so if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to message him on XboxLive. Still has his launch 360 going strong, despite its unwillingness to play certain games. Can usually be found online playing Pro Evolution Soccer or running round the streets of Los Muertos. If not he’s probably frantically researching the Halo 3 tidbits which he has convinced himself are ‘hiding in the intertubes’. And finally, he’s always willing to accepts friend requests from readers and dip into any game from Gears of War to Rockstar’s Table Tennis, or anything in between.

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Name: Matt Turner

Editorial and Features Editor, Apathetic Rambler

Gamertag: I Toynip I

Bio: Second into the team, Matt is responsible for picking up on the petty spelling and grammar errors of his peers. He’ll occasionally get hit by inspiration and as a result can tend to blather on a bit in his reviews and impression posts… Don’t email Matt about spelling errors that slipped past him, he’ll ignore you. He’s not a very committed proofreader. Matt will often spend time mowing down demons in Devil May Cry 4, earning money and generally being the stuff of legends in Mass Effect, or bouncing around like a bat-shit crazy kangaroo in Assassin’s Creed.

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Name: Chris Walter

Comparative and Previews Editor

Gamertag: I Clangers I

Bio: Chris is yet another writer for the 360insight team, though somewhat more of a PC Gamer he is slowly but surely becoming a 360 addict. Being an avid online gamer, you’ll often find him talking about games that have a larger focus on multiplayer rather than single player. Expect a lot of comparative work in regards to ports from the PC onto the 360.

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Name: Jon Walter

Comparative and Previews Editor

Gamertag: TheChubs

Bio: The only one of our number not to have dual I’s surrounding his gamer tag, Jon (twin brother to Chris) is responsible for giving you lot something to digest in the form of 360 goodness!

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Name: Anthony Alsworth

News and Features Editor

Gamertag: I KoKroach I

Bio: The latest addition to the team, Anthony is a fairly avid 360 gamer, despite the severely lacking gamerscore. He will play practically any game with a gun, but will take special notice of what he likes to call ‘semi-realistic’ shooters – somewhere between Ghost Recon and Stranglehold – realistic, but not so much that it’s more like a chore than a game. He’s usually online, even if only to chill on IM or watch the pretty visualisations in the 360’s music player. He’s also the resident Halo addict, but he’s been clean since Guitar Hero II, Mass Effect and the Orange Box were released. He currently attends University at Oxford Brookes, and can even be seen doing the odd bit of work, occasionally.

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