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Turok Demo - First Look Turok Demo – First Look
“A trip through memory lane as my former least favourite Native American, and his shotgun-toting sissy of a sidekick. Wade through bits of dinosaurs, investigate the benefits of ‘stop drop and roll’, and of course, blow shit up.”
The Club - Impressions The Club – Impressions x4
“The Club. Good enough to warrant a place in 360 Spotlight, so check the team’s reviews! Dan has mixed opinions here but decides it’s worthy of praise, Ant wouldn’t put it top of his ‘must buy’ list, but would sure save it from a bargain bin, and Matt is absolutely ‘smitten‘.”
Area 51 Blacksite: Area 51 Hands On
“Overall we were all thoroughly pleased with our time with BlackSite, taking positives previously seen in past 360 greats such as Gears of War and Prey and putting a tried and tested FPS spin on it, we’re eager to play more.”
Crackdown Preview
Crackdown Preview

“Despite being skeptical at first, actually playing it has changed our perspective completely. Words simply cannot convey just how fun this game is, download the demo and see for yourself what an enormously fun game Crackdown is.”
Halo 3 EGM Summary Halo 3 EGM Summary
“With more features than you can shake a stick, features which the Halo community have been craving for since the original plus more, Bungie seem to be able to do nothing bar add fuel to the hype train which is Halo 3. It will be immense, period.”
darkSector Preview darkSector Preview
“One of the very first games to be showcased as a high definition game for the xbox360, still in development but coming in with very cool weapons, for what is essentially a discus, shuriken, and boomerang all in one – the protagonist’s main weapon, Read on!”
Rainbow Six Vegas Hands-On Rainbow Six Vegas Hands-On
“Using the ever more popular ‘Unreal 3’ engine, not only is this a great looking game, it has possibly the best control scheme, and gameplay mechanics, seen in an FPS to date – this is one hell of a game”
Fifa 07 Impressions Fifa 07 Impressions
“Overall, we were let down by the claims they had re-done the game engine from scratch, because it still doesn’t play well, highlighting this fact is the always improving Pro Evolution/Winning Eleven series.”
Carbon Impressions NFS: Carbon Impressions
“Improved racing mechanics (not significantly so), a fantastic Autosculpt feature with bucket loads of potential, promised plentiful options for customising your ride on top of Autosculpt, and loads of licensed vehicles, yup, it’s Need for Speed”
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