Although the articles in this section aren’t as numerous as the impressions page, these are much more substantial articles, detailing everything down to the individual nuances of the games. Expect more entries in this section soon.


Spiderman 3

“Spidey is far from perfect in this latest installment of the game series, but if you can’t get enough of him, you’ll have a blast.”


Small Arms

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Small Arms, it’s a perfect complement to any get together of friends, and we’re avidly waiting getting lots of buddies round to see who is the king of Small Arms”


Gears of War

“Gears of War is possibly the best reason to own a 360, and we’d even go as for to say it’s the best reason to own a HDTV too. Everything screams high production value, there isn’t a disappointment to be found in this insanely entertaining shooter.”


DMC4 Devil May Cry 4

“DMC4 is good. Not DMC1 good, but still a damned solid effort from Capcom. Crazy fast, shooty, stabby demon killing… With attitude.”

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